Registration will begin on April 17th!

The GRJFA would not exist without parent volunteers. Each athlete's parents are asked to sign up and help in some capacity throughout the season. If you do not wish to volunteer, you may opt out by making a $100 donation. One of the following options must be chosen during registration:

Snack Stand - assist by working the concession stand during games

Game Day Operations - Chain Gang, Field Setup or Breakdown

Fundraising - assisting in various fundraisers

Sponsorships - assist in seeking sponsors to support the GRJFA

Yearbook - assist by either taking pictures, organizing pictures, gathering yearbook boosters or assist  putting yearbook together

Team Parent - works with the head coach  to assist in team related activities

Team Dinners - helps organize or set up end of season team parties


Pool Party

Pep Rally

Game Day Announcing

$100 donation in lieu of volunteering

***Your child's birth certificate can be uploaded during registration.***

***After online registration is completed 2 passports photos of each player must be mailed to the GRJFA.***

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